Customisation  &  product  development

At HALO, we strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction and make sure that all our clients needs and requirements come first. Which is why, contingent to timelines and our capabilities, we are open to working with our customers to develop products according to their requirements.
Our product development team is geared to customise and develop all aspects of the product as per the client's specifications

colour options


Colour and prints on the exterior layer of the masks/ respirators as per brand guidelines.



Addition of Logo, Strap Lines and any other branding requirement on the products as well as packaging.

6 layer masks


Addition or changing of individual layers  of both Masks and Respirators - upto 6 layers


N95 with valve.png

Our FFPR's can be modified to suit user environments and filteration capacity like the addition of a carbon layer in case of an anti pollution respirator or any other FF P1/P2/P3